Mk2 Sabre Trucks F 38 Forged Hollow Baseplate (single)


We'll chuck in some Free Stickers with your order!

MK2 of our Forged Precision Race Baseplate is here!

Featuring a low angle 38 degree geometry for better response at speed, more lean and improved control in drifts, checks and slides.

Our Cold Forged construction makes this baseplate super light and tough.

The kingpin is improved on the MK2 version - it's significantly longer, and uses a precision machined press-fit interface with the baseplate instead of a spline fit. The result is a much improved kingpin life, easier replacement with any standard kingpin of the right length, and it allows us to fit a bigger kingpin nut to extra thread strength.

Designed to be topmounted or dropped up, each baseplate comes complete with a custom riser pack to bring your ride height to exactly where you want it with minimal slop.

Compatible with all past, present and future Sabre hangers.

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